Nayef Abu Qaddum

Asalamualykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, York U MSA community!

I am your brother, Nayef Abu Qaddum currently in my first year of English Literature. I am more than honored and happy to be a part of an embracing and loving Muslim community seeking to integrate Islam into the campus life and I am sure we will all manage to accomplish great milestones together. What compelled me to join the MSA is the need for us all to play effective roles in our school environment in facilitating an Islamic presence and growth, fostering services to help us all further and better evolve as Muslims. It is our duty to become the bearers of the Islamic torch and to raise it as a beacon of guidance and hope for all. I am looking forward to a fun, intellectual, and a memorable year for the MSA in ensuring that we all reap the most we can!