The MSA is collecting any used/old textbooks that you won’t be needing. The plan is to basically keep them in the office for future students to use in shaa Allah. This initiative is meant to remove the burden, of having to buy expensive textbooks, off of students’ shoulders. Please be generous and donate whatever you can! Economics, Mathematics, Biology, English, French, Sociology…You name it, we want it, students need it! You can drop off your textbooks in the MSA Office in the Scott Religious Centre RM 210.
Message us or email for further questions.

Upon the authority of ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-’Aas who narrated that the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:

“So whoever desires to remove himself from the Fire and enter the Paradise, such that death overcomes him while he is a believer in Allaah and the Last Day, then let him treat the people in a manner in which he wishes to be treated.” [Saheeh Muslim]

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May Allah bless you

Book TitleAuthorEditionPublication yearCourse Title
A fragile social fabric? Fairness, trust, and commitment in canadaR. Breton, N. J. Hartmann, J. L. Lennards and P. Reed2004
A gift of fire. Social, legal and ethical issues for computing and the internetS. Baase32008
A national crime- the canadian government and the resedential school system 1879-1986J. S. Milloy2006AP/HUMA 4144
A problem- based guide to basic geneticsD. Cronkite52008
Absolute JavaW. Savitch32008LE/EECS 1030
Adult development and agingJ. C. Cavanaugh, F. Blanchard-Firlds and J. E. Norris52002
Alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking-glassL. Carroll2009AP/HUMA 1625
An introduction to Basic StatisticsT. Horvath and M. Mosher2015
Animal DiversityC. P. Hikman, Jr., L. S. Roberts, S. L. Keen, A. Larson and D. J. Eisenhour52007SC/BIOL 2030 - GL/BIOL 2325
Animal Migration: Remarkable Journeys in the wildB. Hoare2009SC/NATS 1550
AntigoneJ. Anoulih translated by B. Bray1987AP/HUMA 1825
Arts and Ideas (course kit)S. Johnson2008FA/FACS 1900
Arts and Ideas volume II (course kit)S. Johnson2008FA/FACS 1900
BacchaeTanslated by P. Woodruff1999AP/HUMA 1105 - AP/HUMA 1106
Basics of social research- qualitative and quantitative approachesW. L. Neuman and K. Robson22012AP/SOCI2030
Biodiversity and conservation biologyA. Mills2011SC/NATS 1940
Biology of PlantsP. H. Raven, R. F. Evert and S. E. Eichhorn72005
Boundaries- readings in deviance, crime and criminal justiceJ. W. Williams2005AP/CRIM 1650
Building interactive systems: Principles for human-computer interactionD. R. Olsen, Jr.2010
Calculus made easyS. P. Thompson and M. Gardner1998
Canadian legal studies series: introduction to public law (readings of the state, the administrative process, and basic values)D. W. Elliott62007
Canadian legal studies series: introduction to public law (source book)D. W. Elliott72007
Canadian politics: critical approachesR. Dyck62011AP/POLS 2910
Canadian tax principles study guideC. Byrd and I. Chen2013AP/ADMS 3520
Canadian tax principles volume IC. Byrd and I. Chen2013AP/ADMS 3520
Canadian tax principles volume IIC. Byrd and I. Chen2013AP/ADMS 3520
Cases in Strategic managementP. W. Beamish102012
Class and race formation in north americaJ. W. Russell2009
Classic Readings and Canadian Cases in the philosophy of lawedited by S. DimockAP/PHIL 2050
Classic readings and canadian cases in the philosophy of lawEdited by S. Dimock2002AP/PHIL 2050
Comparative vertebrate anatomy (A laboratory dissection guide)K. V. Kardong and E. J. Zalisko62009
Computer organization and design: The hardware/ software interfaceD. A. Patterson and J. L. Hennessy32005LE/EECS 2021
Conservation BiologyA. Mills2010
Contemporary behaviour therapyM. D. Spiegler and D. C. Guevremont52010 HH/PSYC 4030
Criminal justice in CanadaC. Goff52011
Critical skills manual for kinesiology and health scienceN. Ashby2012HH/KINE 1000
Data structures and algorithms in JavaM. T. Goodrich and R. Tamassia42006LE/EECS 2011
Dialogues concerning natural religionD. HumeGL/PHIL 2620
Discrete Mathematics and its applicationsK. H. Rosen62007SC/MATH 1019 - LE/EECS 1019
Discrete Mathematics and its applications (soln manual)J. Grossman62007
Elementary Linear Algebra (applications version)H. Anton and C. Rorres92005
Elementary Linear Algebra (applications version) soln manualC. Black, B. DeSesa, M. Gregas, E. M. Grobe and C. A. Grobe, Jr.92005
Elusive culture: Schooling, race, and identity in global timesD. A. Yon2000AP/ANTH 3020 - GS/EDUC 5120
EndocrinologyM. E. Hadley and J. E. Levine62007SC/BIOL 4320?
Engaging anthropology: The case for a public presenceT. H. Eriksen2006
Exploring PsychologyD. G. Myers72008
Exploring the canadian business environmentL. Karakowsky2011
Fantsay and Topographies of imagination2010AP/HUMA 1625
Getting used to the quiet- immigrant adolescents' journey to belonging in New Brunswick, CanadaS. Wilson- Forsberg2012
Global migration and Diaspora cultures (course kit)H. Moghissi2012REI 3610
Global problems and the culture of capitalismR. H. Robbins52011AP/ANTH 2100
Good reasoning matters! A constructive approach to critical thinkingL. A. Groarke and C. W. Tindale42008AP/MODR1770
Greek Tragedies- volume 1D. Grene and R. Lattimore2AP/HUMA 1105
Histology: A text and atlas (with correlated cell and molecular biology)M. H. Ross and W. Pawlina62011SC/BIOL 4220
Human geography- places and regions in global contextP. L. Knox, S. A. Marston and A. E. Nash32010AP/GEOG1410
Inequality, poverty, and neoliberal governanceV. Lyon-Callo2008
Intermediate Accounting volume IT. H. Beechy and J. E. D. Conrod42008SB/ACTG 3120 - SB/ACTG 6130 - SB/ACTG 6140
Introduction of the theory of computationM. Sipser22006LE/EECS 2001
Introduction to AlgorithmsT. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest and C. Stein32009LE/EECS 3101
Introduction to communications (course kit)D. Skinner2008AP/SOSC 1310
Introduction to computing and programming in python: A multimedia approachM. Guzdial2005
Introduction to criminology (course kit)J. W. Williams2010AP/CRIM 1650
Introduction to fitness and Health (lab manual)N. Gledhill2011HH/KINE 1020
Introduction to human rights and equity- part IA. Torres-Ruiz2010AP/HREQ 2010
Introduction to human rights and equity- part IIA. Torres-Ruiz2010AP/HREQ 2010
Introduction to literature (Pearson custom publishing)K. S.Cain, K. Fitzpatrick, J. Neuleib, S. Orr, P. Reynolds and S. Ruffus2011
Introduction to Probability and statisticsMendenhall, Beaver, Beaver and Ahmed2009
Introduction to Probability and statistics (soln manual)A. Shrestha2009
Issues in management and organizationcompiled by L. Karakowsky22000
Java by abstraction: A client-view approachH. Roumani2004LE/EECS 1020
Just Words- Language, and PowerJ. M. Conley and W. M. O'Barr22005
Leviathan- parts one and twoT. Hobbes1958 AP/PHIL 2070
Lewin's genes XJ. E. Krebs, E. S. Goldstein and S. T. Kilpatrick2011SC/BIOL 3110
Locating law- Race, class, gender, sexuality, connectionsE. Comack22008AP/MIST 3561 - AP/SOSC 1350 - AP/POLS 3561
Macroeconomics-canada in the global environmentM. Parkin and R. Bade72010AP/ECON 1010
Macroeconomics-canada in the global environmentM. Parkin and R. Bade52003AP/ECON 1010
Macroeconomics-canada in the global environment (study guide)A. J. Cohen and H. B. King72010AP/ECON 1010
Mass communication in CanadaR. Lorimer, M. Gasher and D. Skinner62008AP/COMN 1000
Media making- mass media in a popular cultureL. Grossberg, E. Wartella, D. C. Whitney and J. M. Wise22006
Mediascapes- new patterns in canadian communicationP. Attallah and L. Regan Shade22006AP/COMN 1000
Meditations on first philosophyR. descartes1993GS/EN 6992 - GL/PHIL 2605
Methods in behavioral ResearchP. C. Cozby91977HH/PSYC 4170
MicroeconomicsD. C. Colander, C. Richter and D. W. Rockerbie32006AP/ECON 1000
Microeconomics-canada in the global environmentM. Parkin and R. Bade72010AP/ECON 1000
Molecular biology of the cellB. Alberts, A. Johnson, J. Lewis, M. Raff, K. Roberts and P. Walter52008
Motivation-theory, research, and applicationsH. L. Perti and J. M. Govern52004HH/PSYC 2230
My SQL: The complete referenceV. Vaswani2004
My year of meatsR. L. Ozeki1998AP/HUMA 1625
One day in the life of Ivan DenisovichA. SolzhenitsynAP/RU 2750
Organizational theory, design, and change- text and casesG. R. Jones42004
Pacific century- the emergence of modern pacific asiaM. Borthwick32007
Pathologies of power-health, human rights, and the new war on the poorP. Farmer2005AP/ANTH 4330
Peasant Nationalism and communist power- the emergence of revolutionary china 1937-1945C. A. Johnson1962
Police work: The social organization of policingP. K. Manning21997
Politics of crime prevention and security (course kit)A. Glasbeek2012AP/CRIM 3654
Power Talk: Language and interaction in institutional discourseJ. Thornborrow2002
Practical Progamming in the unix environmentMaterial selected by: W. Sturzlinger1999
Practical skills in biomolecular sciencesR. Reed, D. Holmes, J. Weyers and A. Jones32007
ProbabilityJ. Pitman2006SC/ MATH2030
Psychology of learning and behaviourB. Schwartz, E. A. Wasserman and S. J. Robbins52002
Psychology themes and variationsW. Weiten and D. McCann12007
Psycology (tenth edition in modules)D. G. Myers102013
Psycology (tenth edition in modules) study guideR. O. Straub102013
Publication Manual of the american psychological association62010HH/NURS 1950 - HH/PSYC 4170
Race and ethnicity in canada- a critical introductionV. Satzewich and N. Liodakis22010AP/SOCI 3430 - AP/HREQ 3890 - AP/POLS 3065
Research methods in Kinesiology (lecture notes)M. Mosher2013HH/KINE 2049
Research methods in Kinesiology (readings and lab manual)M. Mosher2013HH/KINE 2049
Research methods- planning, conducting and presenting researchA. S. Devlin2006
SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 21 daysJ. Liberty42001
Single Variable-Calculus: concepts, applications and theoryS. O. Kochman22006
Single Variable-Calculus: concepts, applications and theory (student manual)S. O. Kochman22006
Sketching user experiences: getting the design right and the right designB. Buxton2007
Skilled performance and motor learning (course Kit)M. Mosher and D. Henriques2013HH/KINE 3020
Social and political philosophy: classic and contemporary readingsedited by: A. Veltman2008AP/PHIL 2060
Social PsychologyD. G. Myers and S. J. Spencer32006HH/PSYC 2120
Sociology- a critical introductionK. L. Anderson1996
Software Testing: A craftsman's approachP. C. Jorgensen32008
Solutions manual for introduction to genetic analysisD. Scott, E. A. Sia, M. Brockett, W. D. Fixsen and D. K. Lavitt102012
Strategic management- a casebookM. M. Crossan, P. Bansal, J. P. Killing, R. E. White and C. Zietsma82008
Strategic management- creating competetive advantagesG. G. Dess, G. T. Lumpkin, A. B. Eisner and T. Peridis32012
System development (course kit)G. Gotshalks2011GS/CSE 4311
Technology and culture from the renaissance to the present (leonardo to the internet)T. J. Misa2004SC/NATS1760
Textual sources for the study of Islamedited and translated by: A. Rippin and J. Knappert1986
The AeneidO. Piest translated by F. O. Copley21965AP/HUMA 1105
The C programming languageB. W. Kernighan and D. M. Ritchie21988LE/EECS 2031
The complete Idiot's guide: CalculusW. M. Kelley22006
The complete Idiot's guide: PrecalculusW. M. Kelley2005
The enlightment and human understanding (course kit)2011AP/HUMA 1160
The history of astronomyH. Couper and N. Henbest2007SC/NATS 1745
The meaning of life (course kit)S. Ranganathan2014AP/PHIL 1100
The mythology of crime and criminal justiceV. E. Kappeler and G. W. Potter42005
The Odyssey of homertranslated by R. Lattimore
The oxford book of Japanese short storiesT. W. Goossen2002
The penguin history of CanadaR. Bothwell2006AP/HUMA 1740
The practice of statistics in the life sciencesB. Baldi and D. S. Moore22012
The prophet and the age of the caliphatesH. Kennedy22004
The Psychology of womenM. W. Matlin62008HH/PSYC 3480
The righteous mind: why good people are divided by politics and religionJ. Haidt2012
The shareholder value myth: How putting shareholders first harms investors, corporations and the publicL. Stout2012
The three thebab plays: Antigone, Oedipus the king and Oedipus at colonustranslated by R. Fagles1984AP/SOSC 1012 - GL/POLS 2490
The world of PsychologyS. E. Wood, E. G. Wood, E. Wood and S. Desmarais52008
Transforming lives: Authentic living and learningM. G. Luther, P. J. Gamlin, S. Cook and G. Wagner2007
Understanding second language acquisitionL. Ortega2009
Unix Shells by ExampleE. Quigley42005
Visualizing human biologyK. A. Ireland22010
Yanomami-the fierce controversy and what we can learn from itR. Borofsky2005