Regular Prayers:

The Scott Religious Centre is also still open for all students to pray in at times when the Chapel is booked by the MSA. Muslim students will now be able to pray in the Scott Religious Centre and soon as well, in the new student centre. We will continue to use the Chapel for Salatul Jumuah at 1:30 and 2:30 PM until October 18th. From October 26, Jummuah will be held in the congregation room on the 4th floor in the second student centre

There is a multi-faith prayer room on the south-east corner of the second floor of the Stephen E. Quinlan Building a.k.a. Seneca@York (Building # 40 on the campus map). The room is open so long as Seneca is, which on most days between 7AM and 10PM.

Jumu’ah Prayers:

We have Friday congregational sermons and prayer every week, Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters except for exceptional circumstances. TPlease consult the website and Facebook page for updates on the schedule.

Fall Jummuah Prayer timing

October 26 1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
October 26 2:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
November 2nd1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
November 2nd2:30Congregation room at SSC
November 9th12:30Congregation room at SSC
November 9th1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
November 16th12:30Congregation room at SSC
November 16th1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
November 23rd12:30Congregation room at SSC
November 23rd1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
November 30th12:30Congregation room at SSC
November 30th1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC
December 7th-Dec 28th1:30 PMCongregation room at SSC

Scott Religious Centre

mapAddress: Prayer Space: Scott Religous Centre- 2nd Floor

Muslim Ablution Facilities: Available on 2nd Floor (Separate Facilities for Brothers and Sisters)