What is the MSA?

MSA stands for Muslim Students’ Association. There are many MSA’s in University and College Campuses, as well as high schools, all across Canada and the United States wal-ḥamd lillâh. We represent the MSA at York University’s Keele Campus while the Glendon Campus has its own MSA.

What is the purpose of the MSA?

The MSA’s general objectives are as follows:

(a) Facilitate prayer space use for Muslim students attending York University.

(b) Encourage and facilitate the general practice of Islam on campus.

(c) Promote awareness of Islam among the York community.

(d) Act as a representative for the Muslim community on Campus.

What does the MSA do?

In addition to various events and activities held throughout the year, the MSA provides services (bi ithnillâh) such as:

1) Regular prayers in Scott Religious Center Chapel (extra ḥijâbs and skirts are available)
2) Jumu’ah Sermon and Prayer at 1:30 PM every Friday in Scott Religious Center Chapel (maṣâḥif are available)

Where is the MSA?

The MSA Office is located in Scott Religious Centre, Room 210. We hold most of our activities in the Chapel of the same Centre.