Halal Food The following are simply reports we have received from some trustworthy brothers and sisters. Depending on your positions on certain food related fiqhi issues, these may or may not apply to you, so be sure to do your own research and take responsibility for what you eat! Also, always double check/request from the employee that what you ordered is halal Restaurants on Campus that Serve Completely Halal Food:

  • Two Hot Dog Stands – one in front of Student Centre and one in front of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building
  • Popeyes (Machine Slaughtered Meat Certification)

Restaurants on Campus that Serve Some Halal Food:

  • Falafel Hut – Chicken meals. 
  • Pizza Store in Student Centre – Cheese and Vegetarian Pizzas only 
  • Tastes – Tuna, Macaroni, and Pasta

Central Square/TEL Building’s Caf have halal options:

  • Indian Flavour
  • Carribean Island (upon request!)
  • Blumont (Chicken Only)
  • Tim Hortons – Breakfast foods (eggs/tuna).

Groceries/Supermarkets Containing Halal Food Close to Campus:

  • Burak Supermarket
  • Food Cents
  • No Frills
  • Halal Meat – 45 Four Winds Drive (just off Sentinel) – 647 352 MEAT
  • Masalafusion – Food Delivery to your Home

If you have anything to add/correct, please comment in the comments section.