General Religious Classes


  • Arabic classes 5:30pm-7:30pm  [Vari hall RM 1005]
  • Brothers Qur’an class after Duhr Salat [Scott Religious Centre RM 210]


  • Sisters Halaqa 3:00pm-4:00pm [Meditation Room-Scott Religious Centre]
  • Class on Companions of the Prophet(S.A.W) – After Maghrib [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]


  • Sisters-Only Martial Arts 3:00-4:00pm [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]
  • Sisters-Only Ilm Session 5:00pm-6:00pm [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]
  • Journey to the Hereafter Series Lecture 3:00-4:00pm [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]
  • Brothers-Only Martial Arts After Maghrib [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]
  • Sisters-Only Qur’an Class before Jumuah @12pm [In Student Centre Musallah RM 321]
  • Brothers-Only Qur’an Class after Jumuah [Student Centre Musallah RM 321]

Please sign up for these classes through this form


You can listen and download lectures from the Hereafter Series here:

Hereafter Series – Lecture 1

Hereafter Series Lecture 2- Etiquettes Of Wudu And Attributes Of Allah SWT

Da’wah Workshop #1 with Imam AbdulMun’im

Men around the Messenger SAW Lec 1- Men are Not equal to Women

Lecture on The Happy Life by Abdul Munim

This page is readily kept up to date with changes to classes and locations, so be sure to check back here for all updates!

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  • #1 written by Reham
    about 3 months ago

    Alsalaam Alaykum,,
    How can we sign for the (Sisters-Only Martial Arts 3:00-4:00pm),, thanks

  • #2 written by fsalem
    about 3 months ago

    wa alaikum assalam Reham!

    you can sign up through the form and attend the class which will begin next wednesday in shaa Allah

  • #3 written by uzair
    about 3 months ago

    i think theres an error. in the martial arts class it says it starts after maghrib and ends at 5 30?? Maghrib is like 5:15 or something. so is the class only for 15 mins??

  • #4 written by fsalem
    about 2 months ago

    Jazaak Allahu khairan, we’ve fixed it