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Our Role on Social Media

Written by: Basma Elbahnasawy

When scrolling through our social media, it’s always nice to see the variety of posts that pop up on our news feed.

Whether it be those friends that are young educators of the ummah; always posting the most beneficial posts MashaAllah.

Or even others who represent your official not so official media outlet; sharing posts that give us an insight about what is going on internationally.

No matter what type of Friends you have on your timeline, always ask yourself two types of questions,

1. What type of an impact do I have on my Friends?
2. What type of impact do my friends have on me?

We often do not realize the type of impact something so digital and virtual as the internet can have on our everyday lives.

In class, we recently talked about the fact that many use the internet as a platform to display who they would like to see themselves become; it can be and is used as a space to further explore our identities.

Take this advantage to further fulfill your mission of aiming to be the best example of a Muslim.

Who would you like the world to see you as?

Be that person.
Be that spark of light.
Be that reminder that we all have a purpose.
Be that person that people look to and think, “I want to be like (so and so).”.

Often times social media can be a place of bad news; sharing the hardships of the ummah.

Many get discouraged.

As harsh as the events in this world may seem, however, be the one to remind them that Allah (swt) is the All Mighty, and that only with our efforts/dua will situations get better.

Be a motivator.

Whenever you see posts online, make sure to always look back to their authenticity. Many times news are out-dated from years back or even false to begin with.

Be the one to always share the truth, by looking back for the right sources.

You have a PURPOSE.
Look to who you are, who you want to become and,

Surround yourself with those who are THAT.

Islam is a beautiful religion.
You. As a Muslim, are an ambassador for this religion.

Remember that.

JazakAllah Khair for reading and I cannot wait to see what great accomplishments my sisters and brothers will accomplish inshaAllah.

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