Introduction to Islam: – Answers to common questions about Islam and Muslims, and basic introductory information about Islam. – Popular talk show which hosts many different speakers and covers a wide range of topics.

Lectures (Video/Audio):

Khalifaclothing and Shaykha – Two of the most popular and most massive Youtube channels for Islamic videos. – An institute for Qur’an and Arabic studies which has a free online podcast and a large selection of tafsir audio for the English speaking world.


York MSA Library – Our MSA has a library available to members with many different books and physical reference sources.

E-books – A very large database of free e-books.


Quran Explorer – Online Qur’an resource with many different recitors, translations and languages available. – More linguistically detailed word-for-word Qur’an study with each Arabic term. – An online resource that has made Tafsir Ibn Kathir available and easy to navigate. (Learn Qur’an Toronto) – Free online resources to help one learn Arabic – which is a priority language for Muslims and a pre-requisite for any serious student.


The above are all very massive libraries of information. It is unreasonable to assume the MSA agrees with every chapter of every book, or every hour of every lecture – just as it is unreasonable to assume librarians agree with everything in their collection. We do not condone anything that is against the law or against the York University Student Code of Conduct.