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You’re No Superman

Written by: Umm Ahmed

The musings of Umm Ahmed

We want to think were invincible.

That we are smart, completely capable human beings, destined for success and triumph.

That we are powerful beyond measure.

But the truth is, were not.

Okay, before you pack your bags and move onto a more motivating post, just give me respite and let me elaborate.

You are not smart, because you are intrinsically a genius

You are not capable because of your own abilities and efforts

The truth, that we so arrogantly forget, is that Allah has granted us our capabilities.

We are capable *BECAUSE* Allah has allowed us to be.


Because math doesn’t faze you.

Because you can write an essay in 2.5 hours and still get a 92%

Because you can understand things easier than others

Because you can speak well

Because you can write well

Because you can improvise an entire recipe and still conjure up something delicious

Because you can read the toughest arabic so fluently

Because you’re not nervous in front of a crowd

Because you are capable, does not mean that this is due to your own greatness.

Allah has granted you these. Allah has blessed you with your abilities. And with every blessing, the minute we begin to think that our successes and our *greatness* is due to our inherent ability, then Allah can strip us of his blessings.

And what would we be left with? Nothing.

On the other hand, for the one who already assumes he is nothing, know that Allah has blessed you beyond measure. Any sort of blessing (your speech, your physical strength, your drive) if not utilized to the fullest, is the greatest disservice.

So what resolution can we come to?

  1. Know that without Allah’s Barakah, nothing is truly possible. Pray for his Barakah
  2. Allah gives according to your efforts.  *TIE YOUR CAMEL PLEASE* and then make Dua.
  3. Work yourself, until you have achieved excellence.
  4. Thank Allah for granting you your abilities.
  5. Ask Allah to aid you
  6. Repeat

Yes, we may not be superheroes on our own.

But with Allah’s aid …

you too can be invincible.

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