The Believer's Journey

The Believer’s Journey to God

The Qur’an describes many incredible people. Some of these are well-known figures. Others are completely anonymous. But they all share one characteristic: their belief inspired them to greatness. How did these people find God? What led them to belief? How did believing in God meaningfully impact their lives? Is their...

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Qur'an Competition

York MSA’s Qur’an Competition

York MSA Presents: The 2nd Annual Quran Competition The competition this year will be to recite Surat Al-Mu’minoon from a mus’haf (Arabic Qur’an) with full tajweed and tarteel. Among the winners, 1-2 representatives from both the brothers and sisters competition will be chosen to represent the York MSA to compete...

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career (2)

Muslim Career Fair

InspirED would like to invite all high school students and the greater community to our very first all Muslim career fair on Sunday January 3rd, 2016 at York University’s Central Square from 1.00 pm-4.00 pm in collaboration with the York MSA. Whether you are a looking for some guidance or...

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Sports Day

2nd Annual WOMEN ONLY Sports Day

ANNISAA ORGANIZATION OF CANADA together with the Muslim Students Association at York University presents the 2nd Annual Women Only Sports Day LOCATION: TAIT MCKENZIE CENTRE, STUDENT FIELD HOUSE TICKETS $10/ Players & guests (In advance) $5 OFF for York MSA and ANNISAA Members *** Non-York students will be required to...

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Brothers' Chill Session

Brothers’ Chill Session

A variety of interesting topics relevant to students will be discussed for about 20 minutes in short halaqahs (gatherings) for brothers, starting from Wednesday November 4th. Halaqahs will take place once every two weeks (every other Wednesday) at 5.30pm at Scott Religious Center, outside the chapel. People from all backgrounds...

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Weekly halaqa

Sisters’ Weekly Halaqa

Join us every Wednesday at 3:30 pm for our weekly halaqahs at the Meditation Room in Scott Religious Centre. Use this as an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the deen and to get to know more sisters on campus!

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Q and A

Converts Q&A Panel: “How Islam got me through”

Every convert has a story of their journey from the darkness to the light. Why was Islam the path they decided to take? How can Islam be a reason behind ones inner peace? Join us for this panel to listen to the stories of those who have embraced Islam and...

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Sisters' Talk: Empowered Women

Sisters’ Talk: Empowerment of the Mind

Muslim women can go about dealing with all the things that may hinder the full use of their mind like depression, anxiety or sadness. How can Islam help a Muslim woman deal with all the factors that may have a negative aspect on her mind and as a result her...

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Islam Awareness Week – Fall 2015

ISLAM AWARENESS WEEK – Novermber 2nd – 6th Theme: “From Darkness to Light” Monday, November 2nd: -Info booth: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at Central Square. Tuesday, November 3rd: – Info booth: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at Central Square. -Converts Q&A Panel: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm in Ross...

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peace of mind York

Ilmtalk: Peace of Mind: Depression and Faith

This seminar covers the sensitive and widely misunderstood concept of depression and mental illness in the light of Islam and modern psychology. Everyone feels sadness from time to time, but for those who develop depression (usually accompanied by it’s not so friendly sidekick Anxiety), it is a very difficult and...

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