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Written by: Nasra Abdinour

We find ourselves in the depths,
in the crevices of our melancholy,
in our homes away from home.
We live through our days,
either waiting for time to pass,
or wishing time would slow.
Never actually realizing
what we’re looking for,
what’s kept us wide awake,
why we’ve felt so hollow.
     Sometimes all it takes is pain to wake us up. Sometimes all it takes is a devastating loss to value every success that follows. Sometimes, it is our ingratitude that hardens our hearts. We realize all of this through our experiences. We learn that each day brings about new lessons. Sincere advice penetrates the walls we build to keep out difficult truths. The wisdom of al-Islaam seeps into our minds, allowing us an opportunity to reflect on the state of our hearts. We come to know that the truth is always calling out from the distance – we just have to take a couple of steps and listen closely enough to hear it.
     The way to a soft heart, is holding oneself to account. The qibla’ of our hearts should always be to Allah. Without this sense of direction, we’ll feel like hollow bodies, roaming this dunya without meaning. Without this light, we’ll be left in the darkest of states.

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