We are very honoured and happy to present our official mobile application for Android & iOS. The purpose of the application is to aid people in joining Jamaat, finding prayer spaces, notification from MSA events and many more. Full list of features can be found in the respected app store & many more to come as we will try to utilize the application to make it beneficial for everyone inshallah.

We are excited to share some unitizing feature with our application. As we test and progress throughout the month, inshallah we will keep experimenting with newer ideas to determine the best approach and features to bring beneficial to everyone!

– Read the Quran with English translation

– Ability to view latest prayer time to join congregation.

– View future events that are hosted by York MSA.

– Get reminded for Jumm’ah prayer location and time.

– Ability to get reminders for certain prayer time in campus.

– Find the closest prayer location within the York University keele campus.

– Get in touch York MSA members for Q/A